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Small Group Opportunities

Hurlbut Prayer Fellowship

The Hurlbut Prayer Fellowship meets at 10:00 AM every Thursday in the Church Parlor. Please join us for praise and prayer, learning and listening for God's Word. We pray for the church and its staff and families, and for needs wherever they may be. Please contact the church office with prayer requests. We pray that God's Will be done.

Hurlbut also lists prayer requests in the weekly bulletin so that the congregation can pray for these people. Please let the church office know of needs.

Disciple Bible Study

The Disciple Bible Study series is an in-depth program of daily Bible reading, individual study, and weekly group activities. Participants commit to study and attend classes for 34 weeks.


Network is a course offered  to help participants discover their spiritual gifts. We make every effort to use the results of Network in our nominating process to increase our reliance on the Holy Spirit's gifts and to put the right persons in the right places for the right reasons.


Alpha is a short course on Christianity which has been offered all over the world and which we offer each Fall here at Hurlbut Church. Come join us to ask questions of the Christian Faith... and to hear the basic ideas shared and discussed.

Covenant Discipleship

The Youth Groups participate in small covenant discipleship groups which meet weekly before school for breakfast, conversation and growth.

Seasonal Bible Studies

Throughout the year short term studies are offered...either by relationship to the season or a topic or a book of the Bible.



Rev, Dr. Paul Womack, Pastor
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